Month: July 2017

Vimy Flight at the CH2A

A fantastic day of history and excitement was had at the Canadian Historical Aircraft Association in Windsor, Ontario.  I had the great pleasure to meet the principal pilots of the Vimy Flight team and took the time to sign up as a member of the CH2A while I was at the event.  The gentlemen seemed receptive to Beyond Blue’s drive to design a suborbital vehicle that can take off and land like a conventional aircraft when I brought it up in discussion.  These are experienced pilots whose views count for a lot as we drive this industry forward!


Larry Ricker of Vimy Flight and Beyond Blue’s Steve Perpich








Dale Erhart and Allan Snowie of Vimy Flight






Good little lecture by Dale Erhart before the first flyby…

Below is the video that Dale refers to during his lecture before the planes fly overhead.




Integrated Propulsion System Update – July 16, 2017

Click on the test headings for the video clips…

The purpose of the Hyb-B test series is to develop a dependable ignition system for a hybrid rocket motor.

Test Hyb-B-8 provided the best result and we’ll be moving to the next step of developing a hybrid rocket ignition system based on these results.

Test Hyb-B-4

Setup and test the spark gap igniter using 5Vand 3A.

Test Hyb-B-5

Test the spark gap igniter with magnesium at 5Vand 3A.

Test Hyb-B-6

Test the spark gap igniter with black powder type #1 at 5V and 3A.


Test Hyb-B-7

Test the spark gap igniter with black powder type #2 at 5V and 3A.

Test Hyb-B-8

Test the spark gap igniter with an increased amount of type #2 black powder than was used in test Hyb-B-7 and still applying 5V and 3A.