Our primary mission is to design and build a safe, reliable, and reusable space-plane that can fly from a runway to the Karman Line and return to land like a conventional aircraft. We also offer a textbook for those who are interested in suborbital spaceflight. Space is only 100km away … and we are here to fly!

The Suborbital Pilot’s Ground School Manual 2nd Edition

The Suborbital Pilot’s Ground School Manual can be used as a primary source of ground school information for pilots interested in suborbital spaceflight and for anyone wanting to learn more about flight into the 100km (62mi) altitude range. This 2nd edition has been written during an exciting time when Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo has just started piloted test flights into space! This manual provides you with the information necessary to gain the required ground school knowledge to prepare for flight into suborbit. It is meant to fill the gap between what you have learned in aviation and what you need to know to fly into suborbital space. Subjects included: Suborbital Space Environment – High Altitude Operations – Suborbital Rockets – Instrumentation, Navigation, and Communications – Space Law. This ground school manual will provide you with an organized and efficient system for learning the required subjects quickly and accurately. It is a great first step in the transition process for air pilots to become space pilots.

Stardust Festival/Launch Canada 2022

We have made several trips to Cochrane Ontario to promote and develop aviation, rocketry, and spaceflight in Northern Ontario over the last year. Initial visit and meetings Northern Space Event 2021 Rockets on Ice/Space Centre Opening These were the key

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Stardust Festival 2022

Beyond Blue Aerospace is a founding member of the Stardust Alliance, not for profit organization, and we are pleased to announce the first annual Stardust Festival from August 1st to August 6th in Cochrane, Ontario, Canada. This may be the

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Launch of The Stardust Space Centre

Beyond Blue Aerospace representatives recently travelled to Cochrane, ON to participate in several days of local events and to support the launch of the Stardust Space Centre. The space centre is a 115+ acre research facility dedicated to space and

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