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Citabria Update – April 22, 2019

Once the mist cleared enough for the flight I departed CYPQ and climbed to 4500′ over the south shore of Rice Lake for some air work then flew over Harwood to look for Rice Lake’s Sunken Railway.

Here is a short video of today’s flight.

On March 6, 1834 the Cobourg Rail Road Company was chartered to build a railway from Cobourg to Peterborough, Ontario. Here is the history of the railway along with some photos of its remains.

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Citabria Update – June 22, 2018

Departed runway 13 at CYPQ for upper air work in the Kawartha Lakes practice area then circuits at CNF4 runway 13 and back to CYPQ for some circuits on runway 09.

Here is a short video with some highlights from the flight. and a few photos from the flight.

Shout out to Karl T – it was a pleasure flying with you over the last few weeks and all the best in your aviation career.

Let’s hope the Montreal Expos will return, and if they don’t then at least you have the hat !