Stardust Festival 2022

Beyond Blue Aerospace is a founding member of the Stardust Alliance, not for profit organization, and we are pleased to announce the first annual Stardust Festival from August 1st to August 6th in Cochrane, Ontario, Canada. This may be the largest space festival in Canada ever !!! Stardust Alliance and Launch Canada is hosting this …

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2019 Highlight Video

It was an exciting and memorable 2019 at Beyond Blue Aerospace. We wish you all a happy and adventurous New Year ! 2019 Highlight Video

Tailwheel Conversion Handbook – Kindle Edition now Available

The Kindle Edition of the Tailwheel Conversion Handbook – Citabria 7ECA – 2nd Edition is now available at the Kindle Store. The Tailwheel Conversion Handbook is a primary source of ground school information for pilots interested in learning to fly tailwheel aircraft in the Citabria 7ECA. Tailwheel flying is more demanding than flying tricycle gear …

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