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Blue Dart Delta II Rocket Plane Status

The Blue Dart Delta II is a fiberglass experimental rocket plane.


  • Length: 37”(93.98cm)
  • Diameter: 2.56”(66mm)
  • Delta wing area is 1,428cm2

One version was constructed to test the design using a high power rocket motor and one version to test the RC control configuration. Both have flown using medium power rocket motors. We’ll be further testing the Delta II design using a high power rocket motor this fall at a high power launch event in Quebec, Canada.

In the mean time, we have begun construction of the Blue Dart Delta III which improves on the Delta II design and will be somewhat larger, fly higher, and provide us with additional data to continue to advance the Blue Dart Delta series of rocket planes.

Here are some videos of the Delta II rocket plane:

Low – Mid Power Launches

In preparation for several STEM events we are planning in Northern Ontario for the fall of 2021 we refined our launch and safety processes. We launched eight rockets and recovered seven of the eight. The grass in the fields at Crooked Creek was tall today so we made good use of our GPS and sound beacons to locate the rockets.

VIPE 2021

There was good weather and a great turnout for the VIPE 2021 high powered rocketry event sponsored by Club quebecois de fuseonautique. The event was in the fields of Saint Prime, Quebec near the shores of Lac Saint-Jean on Saturday July 10th.

David LeFrancois launched a Black Brant II 2.6″ fiberglass rocket on an Aerotech H148 motor for CAR L1 Certification. Here is a video of the launch.

The rocket had an 11:1 thrust to weight ratio and achieved an altitude of 2249′ with a burn time of 1.6s and a maximum speed of 304mph and a peak acceleration of 13.65Gs.

RC Experimental Rocket Plane

The fiberglass Blue Dart Delta II rocket plane took flight over Crooked Creek. This was a test flight without a parachute onboard to tryout remote control of the elevons.

Wind speed was very low at about 6km/h with some precipitation. OAT was about 7 deg C.

The flight is available to view by clicking this link.

The propulsion system used was a reusable G67 motor (plugged) and ignited using the Beyond Blue Aerospace wireless system.

The flight trajectory was as expected and the RC system worked well. The new RC pilot was a little shaky on the controls but managed to keep the rocket from flying into the tree line and created a very low altitude stalled landing into the grass avoiding any structural damage to the vehicle.

The rocket plane is safely back in the workshop for post flight analysis.

Stability Test Flight

Blue Dart Delta II experimental flight at Crooked Creek to confirm stability of the design and adequate motor sizing prior to commencing the Blue Dart Delta II rocket glider test program. This launch was successful and we’re ready to move on to the next phase of testing with the RC version.

The launch site video can be seen on our YouTube channel at this link.

The Blue Dart Delta II is a fiberglass rocket plane.