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Wireless Launch Controller -Static Tests

Jason upgraded the beta version of the wireless launch controller to a production version. The wireless launch controller has a range greater than 20m. Today we tested it at Crooked Creek with an ESTES E12-6, D12-3, and a C6-7 engine.

Here is a video of the tests.

Next up we’ll be performing some rocket launches with the wireless system before we make it available on the shop.

Our launch systems: launch controller, wireless launch controller, and electric spark igniter.

Citabria – November 16, 2019

Beyond Blue Aerospace Hangar – CYPQ

Had to clear the snow then departed runway 09 from CYPQ to flyover our Crooked Creek facility then back to the hangar. Here is a link to a short video of the flight.

Flying over Crooked Creek
No rocket launches from Crooked Creek today !

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