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Citabria – November 16, 2019

Nov 16 2019

Had to clear the snow then departed runway 09 from CYPQ to flyover our Crooked Creek facility then back to the hangar.…

Citabria – September 17, 2019

Sep 17 2019

Here is a short video of today’s cross country flight from Peterborough (CYPQ) to the Haliburton/Stanhope Municipal Airport (CND4), along with a…

Citabria – September 5, 2019

Sep 05 2019

A short cross country trip today including the grass strip at Greenbank (CNP8) and lunch on the patio in Lindsay (CNF4). Contact…

Citabria – August 26, 2019

Aug 26 2019

Crosswind circuit practice this morning at CYPQ then setting up for ground school work in the hangar. Here is a video from…

Citabria Update – June 7, 2019

Jun 07 2019

Solo circuits tonight with x-wind practice before starting to train a new tailwheel student. Join me for some laps around the field…

Learn about Suborbital Spaceflight !

Mar 17 2019

The 2nd Edition of The Suborbital Pilot’s Ground School Manual is available at our online shop, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.

Beyond Blue Shop Updates !

Feb 24 2019

We have updated the Beyond Blue Shop with the 2nd Edition Suborbital Pilot’s Ground School Manual. Visit our shop to learn more…

The Suborbital Pilot’s Ground School Manual – 2nd Edition Released

Feb 19 2019

Project Mercury …. X15 …. SpaceShipOne … SpaceShipTwo … New Shepard Following the initial suborbital spaceflight programs in the 1960s all attention…

Humphrey’s Pilot Shop – Tailwheel Conversion Handbook

Oct 16 2018

We are very pleased to see copies of our Tailwheel Conversion Handbook on the shelf at Humphrey’s Pilot Shop in Brampton. If…

Now Available – The 2nd Edition of The Tailwheel Conversion Handbook

Jul 08 2018

Welcome to the 2nd Edition  The Tailwheel Conversion Handbook is a primary source of ground school information for pilots interested in learning…