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Blue Dart Delta

Jul 05 2020

We flew the Blue Dart Delta rocket glider at Crooked Creek this morning. Click here for a short video of the launch.

Blue Dart Delta Assembly

Jun 20 2020

Thanks for following the Blue Dart Delta Assembly progress. This rocket glider has a length of 37″ and a wingspan of 20″.…

Wireless Launch Controller – June 14, 2020

Jun 14 2020

Today we conducted some beta testing of our new wireless launch controller. It works well with the electric spark igniter and has…

BlueHeat Ignition – May 31, 2020

May 31 2020

Made some BlueHeat Ignition wires for launching the Blue Dart Delta rocket glider composite engine with our Electric Spark Igniter.

Electric Spark Igniter Testing – May 20, 2020

May 21 2020

One question that we keep getting asked is “can this electric spark igniter be used with composite propellant engines?”. With the addition…

Black Brant Launches – May 16, 2020

May 16 2020

Click here for a video of the rocket launches.

Blue Dart Launches – May 2, 2020

May 02 2020

Blue Dart Alpha cleared 1000′ AGL today using a C6-7 engine and the Blue Dart Beta flew to apogee at approximately 1500′…

Blue Dart Beta – April 18, 2020

Apr 18 2020

This was the first flight of Blue Dart Beta. Length: 23.5”(59.69cm)Diameter: 1.637”(41.6mm)Weight: 2.4oz (72g); It flew on a D12-7 engine today. Next…

Blue Dart Alpha – April 11, 2020

Apr 11 2020

It was a little windy at Crooked Creek today but still a good day to fly our Blue Dart Alpha. The first…

Blue Dart Beta – Design & Build

Apr 08 2020

The Blue Dart Beta is the second in a series of Blue Dart rockets we have designed. It will fly using sizes…