Rocketry is a stepping stone to any spaceflight program. While developing and testing scaled versions of our space-plane design we fell in love with the hobby of rocketry. We are heavily involved in promoting rocketry through our involvement in STEM events such as the inaugural and annual Launch Canada event, air cadets, schools and indigenous groups.

BBA Launch Controller

BBA Launch Controller

  • For engines A to G
  • Hooks up directly to any 12 volt battery.
  • This launch controller comes with 40 feet of cable with a quick connect/disconnect to the box if other cable lengths are needed.
  • It includes a safety key, and a launch button with a safety cover.
  • Also includes a safety feature of a 5 amp resettable breaker in case wires get crossed while arming the rocket.
Price is $100 CAD plus GST and Shipping.

Rocket Flight Log (Hardcover)

The Rocket Flight Log allows you to keep track of all of your model rocket and high power rocket flights. It’s a great way to keep all of the flight information organized in one place for easy reference at a launch site or at home in the workshop. Details for 150 flights can be logged in this one book.

Rocketry News

Rice Lake 2024 Ice Launch

A sunny winter day on the ice at Rice Lake to launch a few rockets. We launched a single stage Nike, then a 2-stager, followed by a 3-motor cluster rocket. Here is a video of the flights. A special thank

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ciel d’octobre 2023

A mostly cloudy day and a low ceiling at Saint-Pie-de-Guire for the Quebec rocketry club’s annual October sky launch. Late in the afternoon the clouds broke allowing this launch to 5000′. This video is a dual deployment flight of a

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Helping to #launchthenorth

Beyond Blue Aerospace was pleased to provide support for Launch Canada 2023 through volunteering during planning and operations as well as supplying the quad launchers for the community outreach program. This is a great annual event for students, the local

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