Author: Steve Perpich

Drones of October – First BBA Drone Event

Today a few brave souls braved the chilly weather to attend our first drone event…”Drones of October”. Beyond Blue Aerospace is particularly interested in First Person View (FPV) control and telemetry feedback – and there is no better group of hobbyists than avid drone pilots to get first hand practical experiences from. The first experimental craft that BBA will be taking to the air with will be remote control supported by elaborate FPV and a massive requirement for telemetry transmission in realtime.  The need for instant feedback and control that exists in the sport drone industry lends itself well for this purpose.  BBA will learn, adopt, adapt and scale up to make today’s drone guidance systems work for tomorrow’s suborbital experiments.

Jason and Dwayne braving the chill
Table full of Drones


Thunder Thrust Over Chatham Kent Airport


Today Dave and Steve attended the Zone M – Thunder Thrust Over Chatham Kent Airport Event put on by the Chatham Aeronauts.  We were curious about this aspect of the RC aircraft hobby in particular because of what we thought of as far as the advanced speed and discipline being required, compared to entry and mid levels.  To a great extent, our perceptions were confirmed.  The attendees and participants of the event exhibited high levels of knowledge and professionalism that these advanced models required to get them into the air safely.  We felt welcomed and there was full disclosure by every person we encountered with regard to the technical aspects of the hobby.  Here are a few pictures of some of the jets that stood out at the event – with some video posted on our social media accounts.  One pleasant surprise was some entry level EDF (Electric Ducted Fan) jets that one can get to start off with are very affordable – though the consensus was that even with entry level craft you should join a local club to really accelerate your skills, be a safe operator and enrich the enjoyment of the hobby.

Jordan and her F86


A10 with twin 38lb jets
Paul’s Diamond
Paul’s Diamond


Rick and his Diamond.



2018 Yuri’s Night Was A Success

Beyond Blue Aerospace participated in the world wide Yuri’s Night event celebrations with a group of local Grade 6 kids who were treated to a hotdog BBQ and short talk on the meaning of the evening followed by a movie (Hidden Figures) and certificates of participation.  We will be posting a video and slide recap of today’s event soon!


The Beyond Blue Shop is Taking Off!

Let’s face it, sayings like, “How do you make a billion dollars in aerospace? Start with a trillion.” are statements that ring true for every aspect of R&D-based businesses. Beyond Blue Aerospace (BBA), is no exception. We are a small enterprise by any way you measure us…except for the will to bring affordable suborbital capacity within reach of the commercial sector. We haven’t demonstrated our breakthrough technology…yet. We don’t have “angel” investors lining up to back our business…yet.

We DO have the ability to capture the imagination of the consumer to show that anyone – and we mean anyone – with planning and persistence, can succeed in aerospace given today’s baseline technology and advanced marketing techniques. Anyone with these qualities, can bring the right people together and get things done. You, the reader, are included in “the right people” category.
 INTRODUCING: BeyondBlue.Shop

We have created an eCommerce site,, to do three things:

  1. To provide a vehicle to show which products and publications that BBA considers are in alignment with progressive aerospace awareness.
  2. To create a revenue stream to support our research and development efforts – to get us a reliable, safe and efficient suborbital vehicle that takes off and lands on a runway!
  3. To give YOU, the public, a chance to contribute to this effort, by buying the products offered through the BeyondBlue.Shop

Not only will the sales profits go to suborbital vehicle research, we will also provide a percentage to S.T.E.M. initiatives!We are starting the online shop modestly and will be adding a few products each week to create a representation in a variety of streams: books and publications; model rocketry; drones and scientific instruments and aeronautic equipment.In time, our hope is to provide a great cross-section of goods to inspire and create excitement for our industry that will lead to progress.

Beyond Blue Aerospace encourages feedback from anyone who makes a purchase through the shop.

Here is the link for the fourth time!

See you online!



CH2A Xmas Burger Burn

On December 2 the last Burger Burn of the year was held by the Canadian Historical Aviation Association in Windsor, Ontario with a decent turn out.

Santa and his helpers provided gifts for the young ones and young at heart.

A new item was just received from a donor…a Frasca flight simulator…in really good condition.

Below is the current De Havilland Mosquito project…the engines that are intended for the project were still in their original packing crates.

BBA heartily endorses the CH2A, check them out online and pay them a visit if you are in Windsor.