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Citabria – April 25, 2020

Apr 25 2020

Solo flight out of CYPQ then over to our Crooked Creek rocket launch fields for some airwork at 4000′ ASL and below.…

Citabria – March 22, 2020

Mar 22 2020

Well we postponed our trip to Alberta this week to transport a new project back to Ontario. The Citabria checkride I was…

Citabria – February 17, 2020

Feb 17 2020

Three scenic flights this afternoon on a sunny February day. Click here for a short video clip of the flights.

Citabria – December 28, 2019

Dec 28 2019

Last flight of the decade for the Citabria ! We flew around the Brimacombe ski hill …. Then over the Crooked Creek…

Citabria – November 16, 2019

Nov 16 2019

Had to clear the snow then departed runway 09 from CYPQ to flyover our Crooked Creek facility then back to the hangar.…

Citabria – September 17, 2019

Sep 17 2019

Here is a short video of today’s cross country flight from Peterborough (CYPQ) to the Haliburton/Stanhope Municipal Airport (CND4), along with a…

Citabria – September 5, 2019

Sep 05 2019

A short cross country trip today including the grass strip at Greenbank (CNP8) and lunch on the patio in Lindsay (CNF4). Contact…

Citabria – August 26, 2019

Aug 26 2019

Crosswind circuit practice this morning at CYPQ then setting up for ground school work in the hangar. Here is a video from…

Citabria – July 31, 2019

Jul 31 2019

Departed Peterborough CYPQ for tailwheel training at the grass field at Greenbank CNP8. We brought lots of grass back with us to…

Tailwheel Conversion Handbook – Kindle Edition now Available

Jul 29 2019

The Kindle Edition of the Tailwheel Conversion Handbook – Citabria 7ECA – 2nd Edition is now available at the Kindle Store. The…