Author: skycaptain

Left Aileron Control

Removed the ailerons and checked against the drawings to ensure all the rivets, screws, etc. were in place. Re-installed and inserted the 7 screws to hold the aileron in place on the wing and verified the gaps between the aileron and wing are within spec. Fabricated and installed an interface rod between the aileron and control mechanisms. Adjusted the assembly so that the control mechanisms are in the correct locations for the aileron neutral position and the aileron up position stops at 20deg.

RC Experimental Rocket Plane

The fiberglass Blue Dart Delta II rocket plane took flight over Crooked Creek. This was a test flight without a parachute onboard to tryout remote control of the elevons.

Wind speed was very low at about 6km/h with some precipitation. OAT was about 7 deg C.

The flight is available to view by clicking this link.

The propulsion system used was a reusable G67 motor (plugged) and ignited using the Beyond Blue Aerospace wireless system.

The flight trajectory was as expected and the RC system worked well. The new RC pilot was a little shaky on the controls but managed to keep the rocket from flying into the tree line and created a very low altitude stalled landing into the grass avoiding any structural damage to the vehicle.

The rocket plane is safely back in the workshop for post flight analysis.