Blue Dart Delta II Rocket Plane Status

The Blue Dart Delta II is a fiberglass experimental rocket plane. Specifications: Length: 37”(93.98cm) Diameter: 2.56”(66mm) Delta wing area is 1,428cm2 One version was constructed to test the design using a high power rocket motor and one version to test the RC control configuration. Both have flown using medium power rocket motors. We’ll be further …

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Northern Ontario Flight

Two members of the executive team flew into Northern Ontario on an overnight trip to explore business development opportunities and to plan for upcoming STEM events. More news about the STEM events will be coming soon. The flight from Peterborough (CYPQ) to North Bay (CYYB) was mostly above 7000′ with a broken cloud layer below …

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Left Wing & Winglet

Removed the peel play at the winglet to wing interface and removed the bondo that was securing a brace during winglet installation. Seven new AN525-832R8 screws were installed in the aileron hinges to replace the temporary screws used during aileron construction and setup. Four solid AN470 AD4-10 rivets were installed in the aileron pushrod rodend …

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Elmhirst’s Resort (CPS2)

Today’s flight took us to Elmhirst’s Resort on the north shore of Rice Lake in Ontario, Canada. You can fly into the 2,800′ x 50′ grass strip or rent one of their float planes for a scenic flight or float training. The Citabria prefers the grass !