CANFLY Cognitive Screening Tool

The Advanced Cognitive Engineering Laboratory – Carleton University (ACE) specializes in research regarding aviation safety. The ACE Lab uses virtual and full-scale flight simulation to investigate foundational principles of cognition and human-machine integration. This study represents the next phase of validation of the shortened version of the CANFLY, a cognitive health screening tool for pilots developed at the ACE Lab at Carleton University. The goal of this study is to examine whether the shortened version of the questionnaire, which looks at cognitive factors collected during virtual flight environments, is predictive of critical incidents.

Beyond Blue Aerospace’s David LeFrancois was able to participate in the research study while attending a conference in Ottawa this week.

This research explores the relation between information provided regarding critical incidents with performance on the situation awareness and mental workload items from an online survey. The results will help inform the development of the CANFLY method for determining risk in pilots.