Rice Lake Rocket Launches

Today we launched two super chiefs (both as 2-stage rockets), the blue dart beta, and the warthog. A lot of fun on the frozen lake with these low-mid power rockets !

Ciel d’octobre 2021

Ciel d’octobre 2021 was hosted by the Club quebecois de fuseonautique at a launch site near Saint-Pie-de-Guire.  We used the opportunity to fly the Black Brant II and test the experimental Blue Dart Delta II rocket plane using a high power motor. Blue Dart Delta II This flight was used to test the Blue Dart …

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Northern Space Event 2021

The Beyond Blue Aerospace team was honoured to support Stardust Technologies in their 2021 Northern Space Event.  We were pleased to have the opportunity to teach, share, and learn with the many students, teachers, and community leaders we met during this two day event. Thursday October 14 – Cochrane Day 1 Day 1 of the …

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Blue Dart Delta II Rocket Plane Status

The Blue Dart Delta II is a fiberglass experimental rocket plane. Specifications: Length: 37”(93.98cm) Diameter: 2.56”(66mm) Delta wing area is 1,428cm2 One version was constructed to test the design using a high power rocket motor and one version to test the RC control configuration. Both have flown using medium power rocket motors. We’ll be further …

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Northern Ontario Flight

Two members of the executive team flew into Northern Ontario on an overnight trip to explore business development opportunities and to plan for upcoming STEM events. More news about the STEM events will be coming soon. The flight from Peterborough (CYPQ) to North Bay (CYYB) was mostly above 7000′ with a broken cloud layer below …

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