Stardust Festival/Launch Canada 2022

We have made several trips to Cochrane Ontario to promote and develop aviation, rocketry, and spaceflight in Northern Ontario over the last year.

Initial visit and meetings

Northern Space Event 2021

Rockets on Ice/Space Centre Opening

These were the key local events leading up to the inaugural Stardust Festival, a co-sponsored event with Launch Canada. The BBA team was an integral participant in the overall festival and the rocket competition.

The festival hosted Canada’s first ever university rocket competition. Unlike the high power rocketry club events held in other provinces, this event was open to hybrid and liquid fueled entries, and had a ceiling of 40,000 feet. This was an historical event in Canadian rocketry history and BBA is honored to have played a key role in making this happen.

Here are some media links, videos, and photos from the festival. We hope to see you there next year for this annual event #launchthenorth !

CTV News Article

Cochrane Times Post

Space Q