Launch Canada 2022 Competition

Beyond Blue Aerospace and its founder David LeFrancois are proud to be supporting Launch Canada. Launch Canada announced their inaugural and annual rocket engineering competition which will take place in Cochrane, Ontario in August of this year. We look forward to seeing some of you at the event. Ad Astra !

Chute Release Testing

Testing the new chute release on Rice Lake using a fiberglass Black Brant ii 2.6″ diameter rocket on an Aerotech G67 reloadable motor. The chute release was set to open at 300′ AGL and it slowed the descent from 101fps to 27fps.

Rice Lake Rocket Launches

Today we launched two super chiefs (both as 2-stage rockets), the blue dart beta, and the warthog. A lot of fun on the frozen lake with these low-mid power rockets !

Ciel d’octobre 2021

Ciel d’octobre 2021 was hosted by the Club quebecois de fuseonautique at a launch site near Saint-Pie-de-Guire.  We used the opportunity to fly the Black Brant II and test the experimental Blue Dart Delta II rocket plane using a high power motor. Blue Dart Delta II This flight was used to test the Blue Dart …

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