Stardust Festival 2022

Beyond Blue Aerospace is a founding member of the Stardust Alliance, not for profit organization, and we are pleased to announce the first annual Stardust Festival from August 1st to August 6th in Cochrane, Ontario, Canada. This may be the largest space festival in Canada ever !!!

Stardust Alliance and Launch Canada is hosting this festival that focuses on STEAM activities and on the importance of mental health awareness and mainstreaming Indigenous culture and knowledge systems in space research and exploration.

The festival’s program includes traditional drumming ceremonies, cultural and mental health workshops, a space symposium, and an exhibition, as well as multiple evenings of fun!

The wonderful thing is that the festival is free to attend! Come support the youth and your favourite student rocketry teams! During Canada’s First Nationwide Launch Challenge, hosted by Launch Canada! #launchthenorth

Alongside the Stardust Festival will also be a plethora of activities that will be free for everyone to participate, from inspirational keynote speakers to workshops and team building activities or controlling a rover and building rockets to name a few.

There is still room to be part of the exhibition, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team, and will set you up, weather you are looking to promote space for the youth, indigenous pathways or even launching a hiring campaign, the festival is there for you!

Our friends the Storm Troopers, Klingons and Mandalorians will also be in attendance!

Visit the festival website for more details.