Month: June 2019

Cozy Experimental Aircraft Update – June 28, 2019

Glassing the left fuselage side:

Workshop temperature was 25 deg C and humidity 64%.

Epoxy was mixed and applied to the wood surfaces and the fuel gauge site.

Micro was mixed and applied to the foam surface.

The first layer of 30 deg UND cloth was applied. The second layer of 30 deg UND cloth was applied (in the opposite direction to the first layer).

The third layer of UND cloth was applied in the horizontal orientation.

Epoxy was applied to the fuel gauge site and 2″ wide tape was added.

Strips of 5″, 4″ and 3″ wide UND cloth was applied from bulkhead F28 to a location 15″ forward of the firewall.

4″ wide lengths of 17″, 15″ and 13″ long UND strips were applied from the engine hardpoint forward along the fuselage side.

Two ply of BID cloth was applied between the aft landing gear bulkhead and the firewall.

Peel ply was added where required.

Citabria Update – June 17, 2019

Last year I used the grass strip at CNF4 (Lindsay) for initial tailwheel training but right now much of it is closed due to the record year of rainfall in the Kawarthas.

CNF4 Temporary Partial Runway Closure 03/21

In search of higher ground….. I flew over to CNP8 (Greenbank) to check it’s suitability for initial tailwheel practice and it seems quite suitable but the video shows I better clean the front window – the mosquitoes have taken their toll on the plane !

Here is a video of the low & over at CNP8.

If you are interested in flying a Citabria, you can learn more at the Beyond Blue Shop.

Our Launch Controller is now available !

Beyond Blue Aerospace – Model Rocket Launch Controller

Our new launch controller is for E powered rockets and smaller when using standard model rocket igniters. When combined with the reusable Beyond Blue Igniter then an even wider range of rocket engines can be ignited.

The launch controller is available online at the Beyond Blue Shop.

Here is a short video demonstrating the new launch controller.

Our launch controller comes with User’s Instructions which includes detailed sections on Safety, Setup, and Testing the unit prior to each use.