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Integrated Propulsion System Update – July 8, 2017

Click on the test headings for the video clips…

Test Hyb-B-1

Test spark gap igniter at 4.8V and 1A.

Test Hyb-B-2

Test spark gap igniter with magnesium at 4.8V and 1A.


Test Hyb-B-3

Test spark gap igniter with black powder from fireworks at 4.8V and 1A.

Next Tests

Setup a new test using 4.8V and 3A and attempt to ignite various chemicals such as black powder from fireworks and powder from a model rocket’s solid fuel module.

Cozy Experimental Aircraft Update – July 2, 2017

Workshop temperature was 25 deg C and humidity was 46%.

93g resin was mixed with 35g of hardner to make a batch of epoxy.

2-ply of BID cloth (1.5″ x 32″) was cut out along with a length of 2″ wide peel ply to a length slightly longer than 32″.

The peel ply from yesterdays 6-ply UND layup was removed.

The BID tape was wet out and epoxy was applied to the aft fact seam of the forward landing gear bulkhead.

A small batch of flox was mixed and applied to the joint to make a smooth transition for the 1.5″ wide BID tape.

The 2-ply BID tape was applied and the peel ply was applied over top of the BID tape and left to cure.

Cozy Update – May 1, 2016

Removed excess epoxy, flox, and glass along the top surface of the upper longerons.


I started with a coarse sander to remove the bulk of the excess glass, flox, and epoxy from the surface of the top longerons. I used the dremel tool wtih a sander on it to get closer to the longeron and then sanded the top surfaces flush with a fine sander.


The left fuselage side weighs 11.0 lbs and the right side weights 11.2 lbs. The slight variations in length of the longerons and stringers at the aft end likely accounts for the slight difference in weight.


I checked other builder websites and the average weight is 11.5 lbs so I’m pleased with my results!

fuselage side weights

Note: Each builder uses different techniques during layup, e.g., some vacuum bag their parts. The average of 11.5 provides a ROUGH estimate of Cozy fuselage side weights.

Next up … learning how to assemble the fuselage sides and the bulkheads.