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20% off on The Suborbital Pilot’s Ground School Manual

Interested in Suborbital Spaceflight?

20% off on The Suborbital Pilot’s Ground School Manual if you order before August 31, 2017 !

Our ground school material can launch your career into the blue sky and beyond…This manual provides you with the information necessary to gain the required ground school knowledge to prepare for flight into suborbit.

Order by August 31st from our CreateSpace website  using discount code VRAH8U5S.

At Beyond Blue Aerospace we are strong promoters of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) for all ages.  You can view video clips from some of our SpaceShipOne #STEM events we’ve hosted recently …

SpaceShipOne Paper Airplane Event

SpaceShipOne Model Rocket Day

Two of our pilots have also participated in suborbital spaceflight g force training research at the NASTAR Center and we stay current in upset recovery and aerobatics in the Citabria while continuing our rocket plane research and development program.

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Space is only 100km away !