Blue Dart Delta Assembly

Thanks for following the Blue Dart Delta Assembly progress. This rocket glider has a length of 37″ and a wingspan of 20″. It is launched from a vertical rail using an Aerotech E-6 24mm composite rocket engine. We will ignite the engine using a wireless launch controller and an electric spark igniter.

The Blue Dart Delta is controlled using a FlySky Remote Control Transmitter and a FS-R6B Receiver. The receiver connects to the servo motors to move the elevons. Elevons are the moving control surfaces at the trailing edge of a delta wing. Elevons combine the functions of the elevator (used for pitch control) and the aileron (used for roll control).

We have finished building the rocket glider and look forward to flying it this summer. Here are some photos from the build. Subscribe to keep up with the Blue Dart Delta Assembly updates.