Month: April 2018

Under the Stars – April 28, 2018

It was a pleasure to play a small part as the master of ceremony at Alloy Fusion’s inaugural show Under the Stars at the Ganaraska Forest Centre Saturday evening.

The event was a lot of fun and the Alloy Fusion handbell ensemble was fantastic !


Handbell Odyssey

Moonlight Sonata

City of Stars

Aurora Borealis

Counting Stars

Stairway to Heaven

Fly me to the Moon

Defying Gravity

Midnight Stars


What a Wonderful World

The Stars Await

Following the concert, the Peterborough Astronomical Association provided us with a very educational tour of the universe.

Citabria Update – April 21, 2018

A beautiful spring morning for a flight with winds 330 at 8kts gusting to 15, temperature 4 deg C and sky clear.

First order of the day was to remove enough ice from in front of the hangar door to set the Citabria free.


Once free, the Citabria happily climbed from CYPQ runway 31 to 5000 feet ASL in the Kawartha practice area just north of Bridgenorth Ontario .  The video gives a great view of the Kawartha’s from above.

The flight was just over an hour and included upper air work with some aerobatics.

Here is a video with highlights from the flight.


Cozy Experimental Aircraft Update – April 15, 2018

Removed the temporary board supporting the aft end of the floor then scraped the glue from the landing gear bulkhead.

Shop temperature 25 deg C and humidity 41%.

Cut 2 pieces of BID cloth 33″ x 2″.

Mixed a cup of epoxy using 112g resin and 42g hardner.

Wet out the 2-ply BID tape then applied epoxy to the corner of the landing gear and floor.

Mixed a batch of flox and applied it to the corner.

Cut out the BID tape and applied it to the corner and used a brush to stipple the tape.