Month: April 2019

Cozy Experimental Aircraft Update – April 28, 2019

In preparation for glassing the fuselage sides, and subsequent work inside the fuselage, I’ve built a rotisserie so I can rotate the fuselage on its axis.

The fuselage is supported by one bolt through the firewall (I will have to repair this hole later) and one bolt through F-22 where the nose gear tube will be installed later.

The bolt is installed at least two feet off the shop floor so that the fuselage sides can clear the floor.

I was able to fabricate the rotisserie from scrap wood that was used previously to aid in the fuselage fabrication and assembly.

Citabria Update – April 22, 2019

Once the mist cleared enough for the flight I departed CYPQ and climbed to 4500′ over the south shore of Rice Lake for some air work then flew over Harwood to look for Rice Lake’s Sunken Railway.

Here is a short video of today’s flight.

On March 6, 1834 the Cobourg Rail Road Company was chartered to build a railway from Cobourg to Peterborough, Ontario. Here is the history of the railway along with some photos of its remains.

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