Month: March 2019

Cozy Experimental Aircraft Update – March 30, 2019

Glued sandpaper onto wooden template blocks AA, BB, CC, and DD. These will be used to shape the top of both fuselage sides.

Located the fuel sight guage locations on both sides of the fuselage. By shining a small light in each corner from the inside of the fuselage it is easy to then identify and mark the corner locations on the outside of the fuselage.

Used a Dremel tool to remove the blue foam then peeled the tape off that was installed in Chapter 5.

I’m pessimistic how well these windows of fiberglass are really going to work.

Werner, a visitor, dropped by to borrow a pump and check on the progress. It wasn’t von Braun, but still a good visit.

Yuri’s Night 2019

For our 2019 Yuri’s Night on April 12th we are very pleased to sponsor an event with the 534 Air Cadets in Peterborough, ON, Canada.

We will be introducing Yuri’s night to the cadets and providing an overview of the History of Manned Space Exploration followed by an introduction to model rocketry. After a discussion of the theory and safety of rocketry then the cadets will break into groups to build some soda rockets that they can then launch outside the Armory.

At the end of the evening the cadets will receive some swag, chocolate bars, and participation certificates !

Here is a look back at our 2018 Yuri’s Night.