Month: January 2019

Citabria Update – January 26, 2019

A very cold Saturday afternoon flight over Peterborough Ontario. The engine and cockpit were pre-heated and enough snow and ice removed to get the plane out of the hangar.

The runway 27 holding bay was completely iced over making it tricky to do the magneto checks at the normal power setting.

Here is a short video clip of the flight.

If you are interested in learning to fly tailwheel in the Citabria, then you will be interested in this handbook.

Cozy Experimental Aircraft Update – January 19, 2019

I will plan to install the ILS, COMM, and GPS antennas but no marker beacons or adf antennas.

Marker Beacons are generally being decommissioned everywhere. (i.e. Outer Marker (OM) / Middle Marker (MM) / Inner Marker (IM)). I will install an ILS and plan to use the GPS waypoints along the approach to know where I am. The main approaches are going to be GSP/WAAS/LPV and ILS’s, with more ILS’s being decommissioned also.

Installing the glide slope antenna:

First I located the position for the V-shaped glideslope antenna such that I will avoid the nosewheel (wait I’m a tailwheel pilot, oh well) and landing light.

Drilled a hole through the fuselage bottom for the RG58 c/u coaxial cable penetration then used the dremel tool to carve out a run for the coax along the bottom of the fuselage and carved out the V-shape for the copper antenna tape.

I removed the insulation at one end of the coax cable and placed 3 toroids on the cable as shown.

I positioned two 7.5″ copper antenna strips within 1/2 ” of each other, in a V-shape. Next I soldered the coax shielding to one of the copper strips and the coax conductor to the other. I tested all connections with an ohm meter to ensure I had continuity where it should be and no shorts between the copper strips.

Lastly, I mixed a small batch of dry micro and potted the cable where it penetrates into the aircraft. I also used the dry micro to permanently position the toroids in place.

Cozy Experimental Aircraft Update – January 12, 2019

Cut a piece of birch plywood 5″ x 2″.

Marked the location on the left side of the fuselage where this will be inserted. This insert is positioned 32.75″ aft of bulkhead F22 which places it abeam the front seat area. This insert will be used to support an aluminum step which is installed later.

Removed the foam from the area where the insert is installed.

Workshop temperature 23 deg C and humidity 38%. Mixed up some micro using 74g resin and 28g hardner.

Micro’d the insert in place and filled in some divets in the fuselage sides and bottoms with the extra micro.