Month: February 2018

Cozy Experimental Aircraft Update – February 24, 2018

Positioned the aircraft floor back on the worktable for preparation prior to glassing.

Additional wood and shims were added to the bottom side of the aircraft floor to maintain the right shape on the worktable.

45 degree lines were drawn on the floor for fiberglass orientation.

More BID cloth and 3M glass bubbles were ordered from Aircraft Spruce Canada in preparation for glassing the floor.

Cozy Experimental Aircraft Update – February 18, 2018

Installed Remaining Floor Spacers

Workshop temperature 25 deg C and humidity 38%.

106g resin was mixed with 40g hardner and glass bubbles were added to make a batch of micro.

Some of the micro was poured into a smaller cup and more glass bubbles were mixed in to make a small batch of dry micro.

Micro was applied to the mating foam surfaces.

The foam spacers were positioned and held in place with nails and clamps.