Month: May 2017

Aerobatic Flight Training in Manitoba


Departed CYYZ on Thursday May 25 for CYWG and then checked into a hotel in Steinbach, Manitoba for the weekend.

The weather was good for several training flights on Friday May 26 and several more on Saturday May 27.

The flights started with steep turns, spiral dives, power-on stalls, then advanced to spins, rolls, and loops.

In the Citabria 7ECA the entry speed for a roll is 120 MPH and its 140 MPH for the loop.  A loop registers 3.5g on the g-meter.


The weather wasn’t great on Sunday May 28, so I headed back to the Winnipeg airport earlier in the day to visit the Royal Aviation Museum of Western Canada before the flight back to Toronto.


Next up is to buy a parachute and a GoPro for Citabria FAKI !


Cozy Experimental Aircraft Update – May 13, 2017

Sanded the top half of the forward landing gear bulkhead to fit flush with stringer LWX.
Shop temperature at 25 deg C and humidity 48%.
56g resin and 22 g hardner were mixed together.
Taped forward landing gear bulkhead with 2 plies of BID and peel ply.
Flox was added to the epoxy and applied to the mating surfaces of the top half of the landing gear, the fuselage sides, and the forward landing gear bulkhead.
Clamps were used to hold the upper half of the landing gear bulkhead in place while it cures.