Month: April 2017

Integrated Propulsion System Kickoff

This weekend we met to kickoff our integrated propulsion system research program to demonstrate that a small 4-seater rocket plane can take off and land on a runway as safely and reliably as a jet aircraft. This research and development program is the foundation for confirming the jet and rocket engine configuration which can later be scaled up for use on a horizontal takeoff/landing suborbital vehicle.

Follow the blogs as we continue to construct our experimental aircraft while learning and testing numerous jet and rocket configurations.  3D printing, ground test stands, wind tunnels, model rockets, and RC vehicles will be used throughout the program.

To learn more about suborbital spaceflight you can get a copy of the Suborbital ground school manual at our CreateSpace website.

Model Rocket Event

Thank you to all those who participated in the model rocket event at our Crooked Creek Facility yesterday – it was a great day and we enjoyed spending time with all of the young rocket scientists out there !

Our video of the day, including the launches, will be posted soon.