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Cozy Experimental Aircraft Update – April 29, 2017

Apr 29 2017

Workshop temperature was 25 deg C and 47% humidity. 15g Resin was mixed with 6g hardner and flox. Flox was applied to…

Integrated Propulsion System Update – April 29, 2017

Apr 29 2017

Today two small solid rocket motors were manufactured.  These motors will be used for initial proof of concept ground testing (Hyb-A-1). The purpose of this…

Beyond Blue Aerospace Merchandise

Apr 23 2017

In response to requests for Beyond Blue Aerospace merchandise, we now have a number of options available online via Redbubble.

Integrated Propulsion System Kickoff

Apr 23 2017

This weekend we met to kickoff our integrated propulsion system research program to demonstrate that a small 4-seater rocket plane can take off…

Model Rocket Event

Apr 23 2017

Thank you to all those who participated in the model rocket event at our Crooked Creek Facility yesterday – it was a…

Crew Lockers to the hangar

Apr 16 2017

Lockers refurbished at the Crooked Creek facility and packed for the hangar. Crew lockers setup at the Beyond Blue hangar in time…

New Facilities for R&D

Apr 09 2017

We are starting up an Integrated Propulsion System research & development program utilizing several locations: CYPQ Hangar, Northumberland Workshop, Crooked Creek Facility, Essex Lab.…

Citabria Update – April 9, 2017

Apr 09 2017

Cross-wind circuit practice at CYPQ this morning on runway 27. Wind was 180-210 at 11-17 knots.

Cozy Experimental Aircraft Update – April 8, 2017

Apr 08 2017

Trimmed and sanded the aft landing gear bulkhead taped corners. Positioned the forward landing gear bulkhead in place 8 inches forward of…