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Cozy Experimental Aircraft Update – February 26, 2017

Feb 26 2017

Removed the peel ply from the canard hardpoint layups and trimmed the excess fiberglass away from bulkhead F22. Sanded bulkhead F28 to fit…

SpaceShipOne GirlsInStem Paper Airplane Event

Feb 26 2017

Here is a video of the #GirlsInStem #SpaceShipOne paper airplane event we hosted at our hangar.

Cozy Experimental Aircraft Update – February 25, 2017

Feb 25 2017

Shop temperature was at 25 deg C and humidity was 44%. 4-ply BID cloth was cut for the reinforcement needed for the…

Model Rocket Event Preparation

Feb 20 2017

Assembled the conventional rocket. Assembled the SpaceShipOne rocket. Setup and tested the rocket ignition system. Assembled the launch pad. Weather permitting we…

Citabria Update – February 17, 2017

Feb 18 2017

Cleared the snow and warmed up the engine then went for a scenic ride around Rice Lake then over the city of…

Cozy Experimental Aircraft Update – February 11, 2017

Feb 11 2017

Measured and marked 6.25″ (from F22) on both top longerons to identify where bulkhead F28 will be placed. Trimmed and sanded the instrument panel…

Cozy Experimental Aircraft Update – February 4, 2017

Feb 04 2017

A piece of wax paper was cut to a size just larger than 8″ x 29.5″ and  four 2″ strips were measured…