Month: January 2017

Cozy Experimental Aircraft Update – January 22, 2017

Shop temperature was 25 deg C and humidity was 42%.
Epoxy was mixed and applied to the 8″ x 31″ layers ( 2 layers at 45 degree orientation) of BID cloth on top of the wax paper.  A thin brush of epoxy was applied to the seatback joints.
Using the electric scissors, four 2″ x 31″ strips of glass/wax paper were cut.  The strips were further cut to size, as required, and applied to all of the seatback/fuselage side joints (front left and right, aft left and right).  The wax paper was removed and 2″ Dacron tape was applied (with epoxy) over all of the joints.
The seatback reinforcements were left to cure.

Cozy Experimental Aircraft Update – January 21, 2017

The front seatback locations where it mates with the fuselage side were sanded and vacuumed.
The seatback clamps were removed.
A piece of wax paper 8″ x 31″ was cut and lines drawn at 2″ intervals.
Two pieces of BID cloth (at 45 deg orientation) were cut to fit over the wax paper.
The cloth will be cut into four 2″ x 31″ strips to be used as BID tape for the seatback joints.

Cozy Experimental Aircraft Construction – January 14, 2017

Workshop temperature was 25 deg C and humidity was 34%.
Flox was mixed with 112g of resin and 42g hardner to be fairly thick so it would stay in position and minimize runs down the fuselage sides. Flox was applied using 1″ paint brushes and mixing sticks to the front seatback, instrument panel, and front bulkhead F22 in the locations where they mate with the fuselage sides.  Flox was also applied to the mating locations on the fuselage sides.
The seatback and instrument panel were secured in place with nails located in the pre-drilled holes and bulkhead F22 was secured with a clamp arrangement.
The sides were squeezed together with boards and clamps and any excess flox removed from the corners.  All sides were checked to be level and bulkheads double checked to be in the right locations and the assembly will need to cure for at least 24 hrs.