Month: October 2016

Cozy Experimental Aircraft Update – October 30, 2016

The next step is to determine exactly where to place the instrument panel and front seatback bulkheads within the fuselage.


A 101.75″ stick was placed down the centre of the aircraft to mark off 19.25″, 40″, and 60″ from the front datum.


Measuring 19.25″ for the instrument panel location…img_0792 img_0769

Locating 40″ and 60″ where the front seatback gets installed …img_0791 img_0789 img_0790 img_0778



The Cozy Experimental Aircraft

I have had some requests for more information about the Cozy Experimental Aircraft.


The Cozy Mark IV is a 4-place, single engine, homebuilt light aircraft designed by Nat Puffer. The aircraft is constructed from foam and fiberglass. The Cozy Mark IV is constructed from materials such as Divinycell, blue styrofoam, polyurethane foam and fiberglass (RA7715 and RA7725), MGS L285 and MGS L335 epoxy systems or EZ-Poxy.

The Cozy is a widened derivative of the Rutan Long-EZ, designed with blessings from Burt Rutan.

The Cozy Mark IV has a plans maximum gross weight of 2050 lb and cruises at 170 knots (~200 statute mph).

Engine— Lycoming O-360 180 hp.

Wing Span 28.1 ft Take-off solo/gross 1200/1700 ft.
Wing area 88.3 ft2 Climb solo/gross 2000/1200 fpm
Canard Span 12.6 ft Cruise 75% 8000 ft. 220 mph
Canard Area 14.7 ft2 Cruise 40% 12000 ft. 185 mph
Length 16.9 ft Max. range 75% 1000 mi
Height 7.9 ft Max. range 40% 1300 mi.
Cabin W/H 42/39 Ceiling 20,000+ ft.
Max. front seat 400 lbs. Ldg.Dist.solo/gross 1000/1300 ft.

The construction plans and materials needed to build the plane are available at Aircraft Spruce.

Here is a short video about the Cozy Mark IV.


Cozy Experimental Aircraft Update – October 29, 2016

Saturday evening in the workshop …
Shim added to top front of right fuselage side.
Lots of sanding of the left fuselage side to align it with the front bulkhead F22.
Small shim epoxy’d to top front of left fuselage side.
5-minute epoxy used to add the shims.
Front bulkhead F22 and the fuselage sides are temporarily clamped into position.

Manned Mars Mission – Radiation Hazards & Protection – Free Download

This is a free download of a UND Space Studies report by David LeFrancois describing ionizing radiation, its associated health hazards and exposure limits in the context of a manned mission to Mars.

The sources and levels of radiation both en-route and on Mars are identified followed by a discussion and assessment of the potential methods of radiation protection for a crew.

Navigate to the “Products” section of our website to request a free copy.

The Best of SOHO: Images

Citabria Update – October 16, 2016

A rainy and windy morning at CYPQ …



Jason adjusted the new aerobatic harnesses while Dave inspected the aircraft …

img_0651 img_0652 img_0653



We wanted to go flying but the weather didn’t cooperate for us so we rolled the plane out of the hangar to give the engine a run.

img_0660 img_0656img_0667 img_0666 img_0664 img_0663 img_0661


The rain washed some more dirt off of the plane and we were able to catch up on some regular maintenance work …

img_0668 img_0671 img_0672 img_0674


Checkout our tailwheel conversion handbook when you get a chance.