Month: May 2016

Cozy Update – May 22, 2016

I placed the fuselage sides upside down at the approximate width apart and confirmed that the top longerons are level.

I noticed a few gaps between the top longerons and the fiberglass so I filled them with flox.

Shop temperature was 74 deg F and the humidity was 49%.

32g resin was mixed with 12g hardner and flox. I used an industrial syringe to fill any gaps and then used a popsicle stick to smooth over the surface and remove any excess flox.


Cozy Update – May 15, 2016

I spent a few hours cleaning up the workshop this afternoon in preparation for Fuselage Assembly.


The Fuselage Assembly process will consist of assembling the sides and the bulkheads together and then constructing the bottom of the aircraft and attaching it to the structure as well.