Black Brant II Assembly

This Black Brant II is a 2.6″ diameter fiberglass rocket and it is 52.25″ long. It will fly on both G (G67R-14A (38/120) RELOAD. 110NS/1.4SEC) and H (H148R -14A (38/240) RELOAD. 206NS/1.6SEC) solid rocket motors.

Sanded the OD of the motor tube and ID of the centering rings so that the rings fit over the motor tube. Sanded the ID of the body tube and the OD of the centering rings so that the centering rings fit in the body tube. Marked the 3.25” location from the aft end of the motor tube and the 0.5” location from the forward end of the motor tube.

Used 5-min epoxy to secure the centering rings in position.

Used JB weld to secure the 38mm aluminum retainer to the aft end of the motor mount.

Located the positions for the rail buttons.

Sanded the sides of the fins and the leading edges.

Secured the eye bolt to the engine mount and attached the shock cord.

Installed the motor mount and tailcone in the aft end of the body tube.

Installed the three fins onto the aft end of the rocket using 5-min epoxy.

Cut the fiberglass cloth into six 3″ long pieces.

Mixed a small batch of epoxy to wet out the cloth. The cloth was applied to the gaps between the fins and the tailcone.

Applied epoxy fillets to both sides of each fin in front of the glass tape reinforcements.

Sanded the fiberglass strip edges smooth.

Installed the rail buttons.

Verified the CofG was acceptable with the rocket engine loaded (weight simulated) and the parachute and instrumentation onboard. Permanently installed the nose cone bulkplate.

First layer of primer added to the rocket.

Painting in progress (white & black).

Installed parachute and the chute protector.

Decals added ….