Tailwheel Conversion Handbook – Kindle Edition now Available

The Kindle Edition of the Tailwheel Conversion Handbook – Citabria 7ECA – 2nd Edition is now available at the Kindle Store.

The Tailwheel Conversion Handbook is a primary source of ground school information for pilots interested in learning to fly tailwheel aircraft in the Citabria 7ECA.

Tailwheel flying is more demanding than flying tricycle gear aircraft. Conversion training from nose to tail wheel can be completed in as few as seven to ten hours of flight instruction, depending on pilot experience and skill.

Prior to booking your first tailwheel flight, read all of the ground school material in the handbook and complete the quiz located at the end of the handbook. Once you have read through the handbook and found a pilot qualified to provide you with tailwheel conversion training then you will be well prepared to begin the flight training.

Tailwheel Conversion Training at CYPQ