Cozy Fuselage Repairs

This Cozy MKIV project arrived recently from Edmonton and consists of many of the main assemblies such as the fuselage, wings, canard, spar, engine mount, canopy, and nose gear.

The project sat idle in a hangar for a number of years after the original builder passed away. The project has some hangar and road rashes needing minor repairs. First up is the fuselage repairs.

The fuselage interior was cleaned up and vacuumed. The right rear electrical channel still had foam in it so that was removed.

The older and loose foam was removed in the areas that were damaged on the top left of the instrument panel and on the left side of bulkhead F28.

New foam and micro was applied to the areas needing repair.

I cut out the bent and delaminated fiberglass and removed the corresponding foam from the front top left of the fuselage.

Foam blocks were placed in the gap and held in place with 5 min epoxy.

The blocks were cut and sanded to shape.

Micro was applied to the foam followed by 2 layers of BID cloth, and peel ply to the interior side of the repair.

There was a hole on the left side of the nose and no ballast compartment. I filled the hole with foam pieces held in place with 5 min epoxy. Next up I will finish shaping the foam, filling in any additional low areas and mark the location where the ballast hatch will be installed.