Cozy MKIV – January 1, 2020

A line was marked on the forward face of the front seatback where each of the four shoulder harness supports are located such that the aluminum insert tabs would be centred with respect to the bolt hole and just below the layers of fiberglass reinforcement.

Note: I measured the depth of the fiberglass reinforcement through the bolt hole then used this depth to determine where to mark the line.

A 1/8″ drill bit was used to make a number of holes which when cut out would create an opening 1/8″ thick and about 3/4″ wide to accommodate the aluminum insert tabs.

A larger drill bit was used to cut a hole in the lower centre area of the line to accommodate the shape of the nut plate. Recall the nutplate was fastened to the aluminum tab during yesterday’s work session.

Once each aluminum insert tab fit into its slot then each was secured using an AN4-10A bolt. Each bolt uses an AN 960-416 washer and the harness fittings were secured in place.

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