Go Team STM-CanadaSat

Photo By LEEM – LEEM Nacional, FAL, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=15980886

St. Thomas More Collegiate, an independent school in Burnaby, B.C, will be the first Canadian high school team ever to fly a payload in a European sounding-rocket student competition. Canada’s CanSat team call themselves STM-CanadaSat.

In CanSat competitions, the payload (aka CanSat) is required to fit inside the volume of a typical soda can and have a mass below 350g. Each team launches their CanSat to an altitude of 1 kilometre on a sounding rocket and then it is released.

The CanSat probe developed by STM-CanadaSat will collect temperature and pressure data during its descent.  All teams have to choose a secondary mission, and STM-CanadaSat has decided to collect images to build a topographical map of the area.  The team must be able to receive data during the descent and use it (along with data from the recovered CanSat) to demonstrate the scientific significance of their project.

The competition will include representation from at least 20 countries and will take place near Bologna, Italy in late June.

Beyond Blue Aerospace wishes STM-CanadaSat all the best in the upcoming competition !!!

The students are also raising $11,000 for their travel expenses to Italy, through a tax-deductible fundraising campaign on the school’s webpage. To help out, you can click on this link to go to the fundraising page.