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BBA Shift and Opportunity

Upon inception, Beyond Blue Aerospace (BBA) was to be a facilitator of suborbital flight training and awareness with an eye to being a part of the growing fabric of the private sector space industry.

Being that BBA operates in the private sector, market realities and opportunities do create vectors that push for change in path, albeit the mission of suborbital flight and infrastructure focus remain the same.  The current management team, now that they have worked together for over two years, have come to realize some unique skillsets and drives that can only come to light with time and once new synergies have developed.

That being said…BBA is shifting from a flight school and commercial aviation focus to something significantly more lofty; To design, test and construct a viable propulsion and guidance system that will enable a craft to take off like a “traditional” aircraft at an airport – achieve suborbital flight – and land at any terrestrial airport destination and be able to repeat the process with a minimal refit/refuel effort.  This system will be viable within the logistic, commercial travel and military aviation vertical markets.

The “How” of this will be outlined over time barring the disclosure of proprietary technology – in short – it will be a system that encompasses a radically new application of jet engine, hybrid rocket and airframe design.  The goal is to have this privately funded but we will invite certain governments the opportunity to invest once certain milestones are reached.

The “Why” of this direction is simple…there is space in the market – the team has the skill and experience to viably choose this direction – the principals of BBA know that this will make suborbital spaceflight more available, useful and profitable. Investors dream of such managerial focus and synergy.  This is a necessary step to advance intercontinental travel and to make
spaceflight more commonplace for everyone -This will happen.