E45 Rocket Engine

E45 Rocket Engine

Today we are making some plugged E45 solid propellant rocket engines out of PVC piping for experimental purposes.

The design expectations are:

Max Thrust: 88.24 N
Average Thrust: 44.61 N

Time of Burn: .551 sec

Four segments of 3/4″ pvc tubing cut to 4.25″ lengths.

A ramming tool was fabricated using a 3/4″ wooden dowel and adding markings at 3.5″ for the bottom clay and at 3/4″ for the top clay.

E45 Ramming Tool

A grinder was used to make a batch of fine clay powder then the clay powder was dampened and rammed into the tubes.

The propellant mixture is 35% sucrose (fuel) and 65% potassium nitrate (oxidizer) by weight.

JB Weld was used to reinforce the clay caps.

Propellant was poured into the tubes and rammed tightly together.

Clay was mixed and rammed into the tubes.

The engines were placed in the storage container.

The Blue Dart Delta II rocketplane was modified to fit the larger E45 engine.

JB weld was used to reinforce the clay nozzle end of the engines.

A 7/32” diameter hollow core was drilled 3.5″ in each of the four E45 engines from the nozzle end through the centre of the propellant.

Now the engines are ready for static tests at Crooked Creek ! If all goes well then we’ll use one to launch the Blue Dart Delta II.

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