Month: August 2019

Conquest – August 11, 2019

This was the 2nd flight of the Conquest model rocket plane at our Crooked Creek facility. Here is a short video of the flight. The 1st launch of the Conquest can be seen here if you are interested.

The purpose of this 2nd flight was to test out some new electronics and to launch the Conquest rocket plane with a larger (mid power, E-size) rocket motor.

The rocket flew to an altitude of 564 ft, with a burn time of 6.25s and reached 128 mph with a peak acceleration of 9.55 Gs. It was a good launch but the parachute didn’t deploy so the descent rate was somewhat more rapid than planned ! Fortunately the rocket was recovered and is still in good shape.

We’ve been selling our launch controllers online at the and this launch gave us the opportunity to use a new one from the batch we manufactured this week.

For those of you who have purchased our launch controllers, we hope you enjoy them and put them to good use. Although we launched with a standard igniter today, we greatly prefer using our own more responsive, reliable, and reusable igniters. Here is a video demonstrating our igniter.

Cozy MKIV – August 5, 2019

Fabricating the front seat headrest pieces:

Used the band saw to cut out four 1.25″ birch plywood squares.

Front seat headrest pieces drawn on 3/8″ PVC foam and BID cloth cut to size.

Workshop temperature25 deg C and humidity 62%.

Mixed a batch of micro slurry (94g resin, 36g hardner, glass bubbles) and applied it to the foam pieces.

Mixed a batch of epoxy (80g resin, 30g hardner) and applied a single ply of BID cloth to each piece.

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