Month: November 2016

Cozy Experimental Aircraft Update – November 12, 2016

Two screws were placed at the bottom of the instrument panel into the jig.  This way the panel can be removed from the jig, if needed, and returned to the exact location.


Three small holes were drilled through both fuselage sides such that nails can be placed through the holes to secure the instrument panel during cure.

img_0940 img_0941

Some more boards were added to the jig at the 40″ aft (of F22) location to position the bottom of the front seatback at the right height and the right location.  The top of the seatback was located at 60″ aft of front bulkhead F22.

img_0943 img_0944

A lot of sanding was done to properly fit the seatback to the right fuselage side.

img_0945 img_0951

A plumb bob was used to centre the front seatback such that the centerline of the seatback aligned with the centerline of the fuselage (as indicated on the 10′ plank making up the base of the jig).

img_0957 img_0958

Once the right fuselage side and the front seatback were aligned then the positions were marked and 4 holes were drilled in the right fuselage side to secure the seatback in place with nails during cure.


Next fitting/sanding was started with the seatback and the left fuselage side.

img_0961 img_0962

Still more sanding to do on the left side next session.

Cozy Experimental Aircraft Update – November 5, 2016


A block of wood was nailed to the jig for positioning and centering the bottom of the instrument panel to the jig at 19.25″.

The instrument panel was centred and clamped in position. img_0810 img_0878 The instrument panel was then located at all 4 corners to be 19.25″ aft of bulkhead F22 then lines were drawn on the fuselage sides to mark where the instrument panel is to be permanently installed.

img_0886 img_0892