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Tailwheel flying is more demanding than flying tricycle gear aircraft.  While not officially recognized as a rating in Canada, this training is important for anyone considering flying aircraft with conventional landing gear.  Conversions from nose to tail wheel requires at least 7-10 hours of flight instruction, depending on your skill level and experience. 

In preparation for your tailwheel conversion training in the Citabria 7ECA, you will need to review the applicable ground school material and take our quiz.  You can obtain this ground school material at our CreateSpace E-store .

After taking our Aerobatic Training course you will be able to perform aerobatic maneuvers with passengers.  Aerobatic flight training takes you out of the normal flight envelope, builds confidence in unusual attitudes and upset recovery and results in you becoming a safer and more proficient pilot.  This training is approximately 10 hours of flight instruction.

We offer additional Air Services such as check rides, scenic flights, ferry flights, and R&D flights.  Contact us to discuss the details and we can assign the right pilot and aircraft for your needs.


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